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How MyCuteBaby Stands Out from the Crowd: Reasons to Choose Us!

Spam-Proof Voting

At MyCuteBaby, we take pride in offering the best-in-class online voting system that is not only simple but also foolproof against spam.

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Rapid-Response Support

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! Our Stellar Support Staff is Just a Click Away. With a 99% Response Rate, You Can Count on Us to Handle Your Queries with Care and Efficiency - Whether You Reach Out via Email or Our Facebook Fan Page

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Assured Prize Delivery

Big Rewards, No Exceptions! MyCuteBaby Offers 100% Prize Distribution to All Contest Winners, Every Time.

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Exclusive features

Live Voter List

Verify Your Votes Instantly with MyCuteBaby's Live Voters List - The Ultimate in Voting Transparency! Participants can track voters in real-time and ensure vote authenticity. Ask voters to enter their name before voting and check for a green confirmation sign after voting. Refresh the live voters list to ensure vote counting. Enjoy a truly transparent voting experience on MyCuteBaby!

Daily Votes Report

In order to increase transparency, a graph displaying the daily vote report has been implemented. This report enables participants to monitor their voting performance on a daily basis.

Competitors List

It's an another step to bring transparency into voting we have implemented one of it's kind competitors list which will help participants to keep track of thier nearest competitors - participants are advised to keep a close eye on competitors performance and calculate how many votes are needed to leave them behind & plan strategy accordingly .

Top Voters List

We have also introduced a Top Voters list to aid participants in identifying who is voting for them. This feature may inspire voters to compete with one another to have their names included on the list.

Event Timeline for MyCuteBaby Competition

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Children aged up to 12 can enter the contest with the help of their parents. The baby's profile can be registered at any time in any month while registration is open. Click the "Signup Now" button below to participate. Signup Now



Winners will solely be selected based on the final votes received in the competition. Additionally, we will reward participants with "MyCuteBaby votes" for their Facebook likes and shares. The conversion of Facebook likes to "MyCuteBaby votes" will be done according to the contest rules for that particular month. However, this voting system is subject to certain terms and conditions, which we recommend you to thoroughly read before participating.



Connect with your loved ones through our 30-minute voting system! With the ability to vote every half hour, even those with smaller audiences can overcome those with larger ones. Encourage your friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms to vote for you every 30 minutes to increase your chances of winning!


Result And Prizes

MyCuteBaby ensures a fair contest by removing spam votes and entries before publishing the final results. Winners will be awarded exciting gifts, Amazon shopping vouchers, and certificates based on their rank. .

Quick Stats About the Mycutebaby contest



85 Contest

Hosted since 2017

100 Winners

Every month


Happy Entrants

Hear From Past contestants.

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