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Go though faq selection below to find information on common issues, including sign-up/registration , login , ranking , vote level, account verification , entry removal , and more .we also recommend you to read all the Rules/Updates/Announcements before sending any Query
Updates/Announcements Rules

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if you are looking for more info Regarding schedule and voting system please visit our home page all info is being updated there
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what is eligibility criteria for "Mycutebaby" Baby Photo Contest? and how to participate Into this competition

"Mycutebaby" Baby Photo Contest is free and will always be free to participate kids up to 12 yrs old are allowed To participate into this contest. Parents can register their baby profile into Mycutebaby competition any time in any month as long as registrations are open.

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How to check current rank/position ?

Participants can check their Current Rank/Position(if participant Mycutebaby Votes are more than 500, keep in mind mycutebaby votes are different from final votes), Tap on 'My Profile/Login' button on entry page (My Profile/Login button is on the top left side of the page) then tap on view rank button, rank will be display below participant image.
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How to change/update participant photo and intro message ?

Participant photo & Intro Message can be changed anytime, Tap on 'My Profile/Login' button then Tap on 'Verify Account'button and login using facebook OTP(one time password) may be sent to you email id & mobile number, on successful verification two new buttons will be visible in mycutebaby dashboard below participant entry, TAP on 'update photo' or 'update message' button to update, use google chrome or mozilla firefox browser for better experience.

How to Get/download Participation certificate ?

As of now every participant with more then 1000 "mycutebaby votes" is eligible to get participation certificate from "mycutebaby".
Participation certificate will be made available to download after result announce for any month. Download link for participation certificate will be available in your mycutebaby dashboard
click here to access mycutebaby dashboard

How does Mycutebaby Stop Fake/Cheat/Spam Votes ?

Mycutebaby takes necessary measures to prevent fake,cheat & spam votes and ensures the integrity of voting by using a range of voting protection techniques such as :
Facebook Login: By requiring voters to log in with their Facebook account, Mycutebaby verifies the identity of the voter and prevents multiple accounts from being used to vote multiple times.
Single Browser Voting Restriction: By restricting voting to a single browser, Mycutebaby prevents people from voting multiple times from different devices or browsers.
Google reCAPTCHA: By using Google's reCAPTCHA service, Mycutebaby prevents automated bots from voting and ensures that only real people are able to vote.
Geo Location: By checking the voter's location, Mycutebaby ensures that the voter is in a valid location and prevents voting from being done through VPN or proxy servers.
However, in the event that some fake or spam votes do slip through, Mycutebaby has processes in place to remove them during the result processing. All the votes go through a deep manual analysis during the result processing to ensure that only valid votes are counted. This guarantees that the final voting results are accurate and fair.

How to verify voting system's Transparency ?

if you want to verify that votes for your entry are being counted or not just ask any of your friends or family members to vote for your entry. once voted ask them if a green right sign was appeared on screen (vote confirmation sign), if yes Then refresh/reload your entry page to verify vote count is increased or not . if not satisfied with that mail us at query@mycutebaby.in we'll conduct another demonstration to prove total transparency in our voting system.

Getting exclamation mark instead green tick after Tapping on vote button

Multiple Devices connected to public or private hotspot,wifi,broadband connection will be considered as one when voting. and the Voting Timers for next vote will be defined by your last vote time based on IP/Session/cookies/email/Facebook ID
Don't forget that you can only vote every 30 minute for the same participant from the same INTERNET connection. You may have to wait until 30 minutes if a friend, child, or spouse has voted from your INTERNET connection, even if the votes came from a different Facebook account!
Try using separate INTERNET connections to prevent errors like that

Votes are not increasing after Tapping on "tap to vote" button ?

Always use Google chrome or mozilla firefox browser to vote, if still not able to vote or getting any error msg then contact us on our fb page or email id query@mycutebaby.in (use fb page for asap response).

How to fix typo mistake in participant name (Name Correction) ?

If there is a typo mistake in participant name kindly send a Name Correction email from your registered emails id to our support email id query@mycutebaby.in using format below
Subject-Name Correction
Message- Mobile number, Participant name with correction.

How to withdraw/remove entry from contest ?

To withdraw your entry from the contest, kindly send a confirmation email from your registered email address to query@mycutebaby.in using the following format:
Subject: Request for Entry Deletion Message:
Please include your mobile number, participant name, and reason for withdrawing entry.
We will process your request and remove your entry as soon as possible. Please allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect. Thank you for your understanding.

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Connecting families !!

We are Connecting families and family members with each other, also Helping Everyone in to strengthen relationship between family and friends.and We Strongly Believe that Every kids is beautiful, This Contest Is for Entertainment & Fun purpose Only..!

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