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Im 3 months old lil Princess
final votes are calculated as per contest rules
Final Votes = Mycutebaby Votes + (Facebook Likes & Shares / 5).
you can vote after every 30 minutes without any daily or monthly limit.
Maximum votes from facebook likes , shares can be : 1000 , means we will count up to 5000 fb likes,shares.
share entry with friends & family members for more votes..

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Dimpu's Current Competitors
  • final votes mycutebaby votes Name
  • 2659 2323 Pranjali Rohilla
  • 2657 2617 ISHITA NAYAK
  • 2654 2629 Dimpu
  • 2654 2623 Ahantya
  • 2653 1653 Yuvaan Taparia
  • 2649 1649 Somya
  • 2646 1646 Dwayne Braxton
  • keep in mind it's not participant position in contest(entry on third). it's a listing of participant votes and position among nearest competitors in contest, current rank/position can be checked in participant profile dashboard(if participant Mycutebaby Votes are more than 500).

    Competitors List Updates Every 10 Minute

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Dimpu's Top 30 Voters
  • #Voter Rank Total votes Voter Name
  • 1 53 Kiara Tarikere
  • 2 14 Swathi Reddy
  • 3 12 Pavithra Achar
  • 4 5 Shruthi Reddy
  • 5 1 Ramya Ramesh
  • 6 1 Meghana Reddy

This is the list of only top 30 Voters, complete list can be checked by participant in profile dashboard if account is verified.this report get updated after every 24 hours, keep in mind today's votes will be added into this list by tomorrow, also this report is based on only those votes which are done after fb login voting system protection is applied to the entry.

Voters List Updates once Every 24 Hours

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Mycutebaby Apr 2018 contest final results has been declared, tap on 'My Profile/Login' button(My Profile/Login button is on the top left side of the page), use your mobile number to login and then tap on Result:Apr 2018 button. participation certificate digital copy is also available to download(only if participant mycutebaby votes are more than 1000, keep in mind mycutebaby votes are different from final votes).kindly open your entry link in Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser then tap on login/myprofile button .
use your mobile number to login and then tap only once on 'download certificate' button.
certificate digital copy can be verified Online , scan the QR code displayed on your certificate to verify (open your entry in Google chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser to download certificate).
Registration For MyCute Baby May Contest (May 2018) Are Open Till 31/5/2018.

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Join tens of thousands of happy entrants in our fun, free competition

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Registration For MyCuteBaby May Contest are open till 31th May 2018.

Top 24 Participants will be rewarded with prizes worth ₹30,000(gift hampers & voucher), check rank wise prize list for more details.

Participation certificate for all the participants whose mycutebaby votes are more than 1000.

Top 100 Participants will get entry into "Cute Baby Of The Year 2017-18" (vote credit will rewarded into finale)

So Far, Mycutebaby Organisers have sent Prizes valuing worth ₹ 370100 which sums up (₹ 239600 Gift Vouchers & ₹ 130500 Gift Hampers) to our previous Winners. Tap on Prizes button to view complete prizes details list.

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Rank-wise Prize List

Mycutebaby May 2018 Contest Prizes List.

Prizes List for Mycutebaby May 2018 Contest has been revised.

Rank Prize (May 2018)
1 st Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
2 nd Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
3 rd Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
4 th ₹2000 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
5 th ₹1500 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
6 th ₹1300 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
7 th ₹1100 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
8 th ₹1000 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
9 th ₹900 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
10th ₹850 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
11th ₹800 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
12th ₹750 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
13th ₹700 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
14th ₹650 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
15th ₹600 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
16th ₹550 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
17th ₹500 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
18 th ₹450 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
19 th ₹400 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
20 th ₹300 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
21 st ₹250 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
22 nd ₹250 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
23 rd ₹200 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
24 th ₹200 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
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