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Rudra Sharma Suthar

His little hands stole my heart.His little feet run away with it.Hey baby boyYou bring me joyEvery time I look at youAll the little things you doIm so glad God gave me youI wake every morning just to look in your eyesEvery single morning I get a different surpriseI pray everyday that God blesses us bothBut I pray even more that God blesses you most.Love you my little champ love your sweet smile
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Rudra Sharma Suthar's Current Competitors
  • final votes mycutebaby votes Name
  • 29 20 Anaya mousam sahu
  • 28 25 Nevisha Khandelwal
  • 27 20 Rudra Sharma Suthar
  • 27 27 Amal krishnan
  • 26 24 Muzzammil khan
  • 25 25 Manish Dugar
  • 24 16 Prashansi Sharma
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    Name always on third position : keep in mind it's not participant position in contest(entry on third position), it's a listing of participant votes and position among nearest competitors in contest, current rank/position can be checked in participant profile dashboard(if participant Mycutebaby Votes are more than 500).

Rudra Sharma Suthar's Live Voters

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Voting for Mycutebaby July 2018 contest will continue till 07th August 2018(11:59:59PM, IST), results will be declared on or before 12th August 2018.

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    Top 24 Participants will be rewarded with prizes worth ₹30,000(gift hampers & voucher), check rank wise prize list for more details.

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    Rank-wise Prize List

    Mycutebaby Jul 2018 Contest Prizes List.

    Prizes List for Mycutebaby Jul 2018 Contest has been revised.

    Rank Prize (July 2018)
    1st Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
    2nd Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
    3rd Gift Hampers from mycutebaby organisers.
    4th ₹2000 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    5th ₹1500 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    6th ₹1300 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    7th ₹1100 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    8th ₹1000 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    9th ₹900 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    10th ₹900 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    11th ₹800 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    12th ₹800 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    13th ₹700 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    14th ₹700 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    15th ₹600 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    16th ₹600 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    17th ₹550 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    18th ₹550 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    19th ₹500 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    20th ₹500 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    21st ₹450 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    22nd ₹450 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    23rd ₹400 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
    24th ₹400 Amazon/Flipkart shopping voucher.
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